Michelle Williams

Actor, Vocalist, Choreographer


Photo of tattered flag hanging in New York City shortly after 9-11.

Shortly after the 9-11 attacks, Michelle's email dispatches from Ground Zero were published by Slate. She published photos of New York's spontaneous memorials, and Michelle's brother published more 9-11 correspondence amongst the family.

That experience inspired Michelle to enter EMT training, serialized in Slate.

In 2002, her EMT training led to Michelle's participation in American Frontiers's Public Lands Trek as part of the medical support team.

This certificate names Michelle "Writing Champ" on April 14, 1983.

An earlier story
, written in 1978, as far as we can determine, received good reviews:


One morning I called my best friend. I said, "Come over to my house and we'll go over and find out what the Easter Bunny has in store for us!"

She said, "Sure!" When she came I was watching TV. "Let's watch Dr. Max first." After tht she said, "Let's watch one more show." After that, she said, "Let's watch just one more show." But this went on all night untill the ten Oo'clock news! Then my mother said, "Time for bed."

The next day we set off. When we got there, we snuck into a shed. Then, in the corner of her eye my friend saw a HUGE egg! She said, "Hey! Take a look at that egg!" When I popped my head in, I fell in! My friend herd the Easter Bunny coming so she hid.

I found a chick costume in the egg. I put it on. The Easter Bunny started colouring my egg. When he went out the door and was finished, I had pecked my way out of the egg.