August 20th

Last Friday, my belly popped out. I mean, I’ve been chubby since day one of this pregnancy, and quickly stopped wearing my most form-fitted stuff as I was keeping my nausea at bay by pretty much constantly eating. (I gained ten pounds in my first ten weeks, which is impressive.) But last Saturday morning, I walked out to the living room in my yoga pants in utter despair, because I felt so ridiculous and my clothes didn’t fit and there was no hiding my belly. Jon promised to take me shopping, and we ventured off to run errands.

We first stopped by a locally-owned maternity/kids shop, where they had a bunch of clothing on consignment. Everything I tried on was waaaay too short-waisted, or had spaghetti straps, or somehow didn’t work. Next stop was Kohl’s (ugh) where I knew I could find relatively cheap tops that didn’t cling to one’s midsection. I bought a few things, but still wasn’t feeling like I could tackle the world with this new belly.

And then? Jon, who had been morosely wandering the mall as I pulled on cheaply-made garment after cheaply-made garment, walked me over to Motherhood Maternity. Two very helpful salesgirls swooped over to me, and within minutes I was trying on jeans, work pants, sweaters, tops, all built to take you through all nine months of pregnancy, all designed to help you hide what you need to hide when you need to hide it, and all designed to make you comfortable at all times. AND it’s all cute and professional-looking. I felt as though I’d been given keys to the pregnancy kingdom. It was as if I didn’t realize that a few other women have been pregnant in years past and that some folks might have not only figured out how to make women comfortable – they’ve figured out an entire industry that

capitalizes on such a thing. I’m sure the clothes were made by underpaid children in a remote African country – and for that I apologize – but I can’t tell you the bliss of putting together outfits that didn’t make me feel like an aberration.

They sealed the sale – and my everlasting devotion – when one of the salesgirls inquired about my need for a “sleep bra”. Why, whatever is such a thing? Turns out it’s a thing to keep your woobies in place while you toss and turn at night. My boobs have been killing me since DAY ONE, and they wake me up at night every time I shift positions. And someone had thought of a doctor-recommended solution? BLISS! HURRAY! SIGN ME UP!

My belly is still sticking out, of course, as it should, but now at least I have clothing that I can wear for the next six months with only minimal discomfort. It seems like a small thing, but it was a most welcome solution.

One week left in my first trimester. Five days until my Chorionic Villus Sampling prenatal test. Can’t wait for the poking and prodding to be over.