October 19

For the second time in tow years, I find myself as sick as a dog in a hotel room in a far-off city. Two years ago in May, I managed to get sick at my friend Mollie’s wedding in Kentucky and spent the better part of the weekend on powerful cold medicine. The last day we there, we were supposed to go spend time with some of Jon’s friends, and instead, I lolled around the bed all day in a drug-induced haze. It was actually one of the most relaxing days of that year, and I’ve looked back on it fondly.

This time is not as nice. My sweet husband is 2000 miles away, I can’t take any cold medicine unless I wanted to drug the boo, and I have to drag myself out of bed for all of the work sessions or I’ll have squandered my organization’s cash. Can’t do that. Instead, I’ve skipped the fun and social events including what I’m sure was to be an amazing night of margaritas and tapas at a local Latino museum. Those social events are certainly important for professional development, but at this point, I have to pick my battles.

So I’m lying here in my underwear, my body looking and feeling like a big balloon, last night’s pizza all over the desk, and the second depressing movie in a row on HBO. I’ve been mainlining Tums because they are the only source of vitamin C in the room and praying that tomorrow, when I’m supposed to visit my family in Iowa, I’ll feel much better. Sigh.

Baby, you are worth it, but I do wish you could tolerate cold medicine.