Andrew’s first five weeks

I’m just now starting to emerge from the fog of these first few weeks, and wishing that I’d had time to write about what this time has meant and done to me. All I can say in the short time I have while the boo is sleeping is that I can’t imagine a world without him. Although I can imagine a world with eight hours of sleep straight. Or twenty.

My family has been asking for pics, so here’s a random assortment of his first five weeks. In the last week, he’s started to truly lock eyes with me and give me big smiles, which is enough to melt away the exhaustion for a good hour. I know he’s just mimicking, but it’s brilliant to behold. But I haven’t yet successfully caught one of these smiles on camera. Anyway, from the beginning…

Andrew just a few hours old

getting his hearing tested

with Uncle Steve at the hospital

first weight

four days old

One week old

13 days old

first walk on the beach

post bath

two weeks old

three weeks

with mama, three weeks old

bath time

crazy look, three weeks old

almost a month old

with daddy

not so excited to get dressed for a walk

almost five weeks

five weeks old, Santa Cruz baby

Andrew pondering Klabbat, the bunny his grandma made for him, modeled on the bunnies she made for Sean and me when we were kids

Popeye blurry smile...

I can’t believe my boo will be six weeks old next week. If I could, I’d stop the world and get off for a time with him. Although… I guess that’s what I’ve been doing these last five weeks. I love you, little guy.