seven months

Dear Boo,

I’m so sorry it’s been so long since I wrote. I started an online baby book for you, and did some writing there, but it’s been ages since I wrote there, either. Life with you, and with work, is so crazy busy that it seems impossible to fit everything in. But it has been such an amazing seven months that I’m a little heartbroken that I’ve not chronicled it except for in pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I sure like to take them of you. Because you are the most beautiful little tyke I’ve ever seen. Obviously I’m biased, but your smiles bring me crazy joy.

You turned seven months yesterday. I went back to work a few days after you turned five months old. Which means, for two months, I’ve spent the bulk of my time missing you. It’s a tragic truth that us new moms have to go back to work right when our little ones start to get super fun. You laugh and smile ALL THE TIME. The only things that make you sad are 1) being very tired or 2) when I or your dad leave the room. Your favorite place to be is in a small crowd, as long as everyone is paying attention to you. You are tenacious and voraciously curious and are ready to be doing all the things you can’t yet, namely, talk and walk. At just under five months, you decided it was time to drink out of a glass (which you now do anytime anyone lets you). At six months you were sitting up by yourself. And just a couple of weeks ago, your cut your first and then your second tooth.

I have so much more to say about you, but it’s 9:45 PM which means it’s past my bedtime, since you like to get up very very VERY early. But you always wake up smiling, so I can’t help but look forward to the morning.
I love you,